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Mask of Tutankhamun


In this centenary year of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun we explore the life and death of the boy king. We consider the el-Amarna period in which the young Tutankhaten spent his formative years. Once in power it was in Tutankhamun's reign that the return to orthodoxy took place overthrowing the reforms of his father and abandoning the new capital of el-Amarna. However, Tutankhamun is best known for his tomb discovered by Howard Carter in 1922, and we will of course in this study day we examine the decoration and artefacts from his near-intact tomb in the Valley of the kings.

For more information and details on how to enrol visit our website www.wea.org.uk

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Life and Death of the boy-king Tutankhamun


St Mary's University, Waldegrave Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 4SX

Tel: 0300 303 3464

Opening Times

Season (11 June 2022)
Saturday10:30 - 16:30

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