Old Richmond Palace and Kew Palace

Embark on a trip back in time to follow in the footsteps of Kings and Queens...



Spend an hour or two wandering around the remains of Richmond Palace, situated on the South West side of Richmond Green and just a short walk from the River Thames. Originally built as a manor house by Henry I in the 13th century, the building developed and increased in importance over the centuries until Tudor times, when it was a principal residence of Henry VII, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Under the Stuart monarchy the Palace was the home of the Prince of Wales, but after the establishment of the Commonwealth under Oliver Cromwell in the mid 17th century the property was sold and divided up, and several of the main buildings were demolished. However the original Outer Gateway, the Palace Gatehouse, the Old Palace and the Wardrobe remain, and the whole area encircles a tranquil and attractive courtyard with Trumpeters’ House, built in the early 1700s and one of the largest surviving old houses in Richmond, dominating the far side towards the river.


There are numerous cafes, restaurants and pubs in the town centre to choose from. Several are situated overlooking the River Thames and have outdoor seating, others are located in the small lanes between the town centre and Richmond Green. Alternatively head over to Kew to make an early start for the afternoon’s activities. The Gardens have several eateries and in Kew Village, near the station, you will find a small selection of cafes and restaurants.

20 King Street, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1ND

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Catch the R68 bus from Richmond or take the Underground District line - it is one stop on to Kew Gardens. Kew Palace is situated within the world famous Gardens and the interior has been recently restored to its original Georgian splendour. Built in 1631, this distinctive red brick mansion was the favourite family home of King George III and his Queen Charlotte and provides a fascinating insight into their life and interests. Entry charge to Kew Gardens and Kew Palace applies.

While you’re there…

If you have time you might like to wander round Kew Gardens, taking time to explore the glasshouses and the various horticultural settings.
Queen Charlotte’s Cottage is a hidden gem a short walk from Kew Palace, within the Gardens, and was the royal family’s rustic retreat. The thatched cottage was used for teas and picnics and had an adjoining paddock for the family’s extensive menagerie.

Kew Palace is the smallest and most intimate of the royal palaces.

Kew Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 3AB

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Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 3AB

tel: 020 8332 5655