Blue Plaques in Richmond upon Thames

What are blue plaques?

Blue Plaques are erected by the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission on buildings in Greater London associated with famous people.

Unofficial plaques exist to Gustav Holst (Barnes), Alfred Lord Tennyson (Montpelier Row) and John Templeton (Hampton Hill). For more information contact Mrs Ann Sutton, 36 Gothic Road, Twickenham TW2 5EH. There are also Comedy Plaques inserted in the wall of Teddington Studios.

The Historic Building and Monuments Commission plaques are listed below chronologically in order of their unveiling.

David Garrick (1970)

David Garrick Blue Plaque Hampton Court RoadGarrick's Villa, Hampton Court Road, Hampton. "David Garrick, 1717-1779. Actor, lived here."

Leonard and Virginia Woolf (1976)

Hogarth House, Paradise Road, Richmond. "Leonard and Virgina Woolf lived in this house 1915-1924 and founded the Hogarth Press in 1917"

J.M.W. Turner (1977)

40 Sandycoombe Road, Twickenham. "J.M.W. Turner, R.A., 1775-1851. Painter, designed and lived in this house".

Henry Fielding (1978)

Milbourne House, Barnes Green, SW13. "Henry Fielding, 1707-1754. Novelist, lived here."

Cardinal Newman (1981)

Grey Court, Ham Street, Ham. "In this house John Henry Newman 1801-1890, later Cardinal Newman, spent some of his early years."

Kurt Schwitters (1984)

39 Westmorland Road, Barnes. "Kurt Schwitters, 1887-1947, Artist lived here."

John Beard/William Ewart (Oct 1992)

Hampton Branch Library, Rose Hill, Hampton. "John Beard c1717-1791, singer and William Ewart 1798-1869, promoter of public libraries lived here"

Sir Edwin Chadwick (Dec 1992)

5 Montague Road, Richmond. "Sir Edwin Chadwick, 1801-1890, Public Health Reformer lived here."

Arthur Hughes (Nov 1993)

Eastside House, 22 Kew Green, Richmond. "Arthur Hughes, 1832-1915, Pre-Raphaelite Painter lived and died here"

Bernardo O'Higgins (July 1994)

Clarence House, 2 The Vineyard, Richmond. "Bernardo O'Higgins, 1778-1842, General, Statesman and Liberator of Chile, lived and studied here.

Walter De La Mare (May 1995)

South End House, Montpelier Row, Twickenham. "Walter De La mare 1873-1956, poet, lived here".

Sir Noel Coward (Dec 1995)

131 Waldegrave Road, Teddington. "Sir Noel Coward 1899-1973, actor, playwright and songwriter born here."

Sir Christopher Wren (June 1996)

The Old Court House, Hampton Court Green. "Sir Christopher Wren, 1632-1723, architect, lived here."

Henry Du Pre Labouchere (1999)

Liberal MP and journalist (1831-1912), on Pope's Villa (St James' School), Cross Deep, Twickenham.

James Henry Greathead (1999)

(1844-1896) Railway Engineer and Pioneer of Tunnelling: St Mary's Grove, Barnes

Thomson, James (2005)

The Royal Hospital, Kew Foot Road, Richmond. "John Thomson (1700-1748), Poet, Author of Rule Britannia, lived and died here"

Johnson, Dame Celia (2008)

46 Richmond Hill, TW10, Richmond. "Dame Celia Johnson (1908-1982), Actress, was born here."

Lancelot 'Capability' Brown (2011)

Lancelot 'Capability' Brown, an architect and designer responsible for the creation of nearly 300 of England's finest Georgian landscaped parks and gardens. Lived at the Wilderness House, Hampton Court Palace from 1764 until his death 1783.