To celebrate English Tourism Week 2024 we wanted to highlight #RichmondLates and all the fun you can get up to in the borough once the sun sets! We also wanted to shine light on the role of our fantastic borough in music history!


Calling all night owls... in Richmond upon Thames we believe the party doesn't stop just because the sun sets! For those looking for some late night fun and entertainment explore #RichmondLates

Whether you're in the mood for listening to live music, a DJ set, quiz or comedy night... we've got it all!

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Musical Heritage in Richmond upon Thames

Eel Pie Island Museum

1-3 Richmond Road, Twickenham, London, TW1 3AB

The Eel Pie Island Museum brings the fantastic history of music and the role Eel Pie Island played to life - come and see just what this little island in the centre of Twickenham offers in the way of musical and river-related heritage and the creative, inventive nature of many of its inhabitants.

During the warmer months several famous attractions and popular sites become music venues and host festivals with performances from award winning artists, keeping the spirit of music alive in Richmond upon Thames.

Be sure to check out Hampton Court Palace Music Festival and Kew The Music this summer!


Eel Pie Island Museum
Eel Pie Island Museum

Celebrating all that has made this little Thames island so famous - from it's working boatyards to the part the Eel Pie Island Hotel played in the British Blues explosion of the 1960s and how it helped superstars such as the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and Eric Clapton kick start their musical careers.



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